Garden Twine: 7 Ways to Use Hemp Twine in Your Garden

Garden twine can be used for many things, mainly making it much easier to keep things under control in your garden. If you’ve grown anything for more than a season, you know how useful and sometimes necessary twine can be. It’s a must have for the times you need to tie something down, stake something off, or hang something up.

Why use hemp twine?
Aside from it being a bomb-a resource from mother earth with thousands of uses in multiple industries, here are some cool things about hemp cord that make it perfect for using in the garden.

It’s biodegradable. When you’re done using it throw it right into the compost. It will break down along with all the other natural plant matter in there. Cool huh?
Mildew resistant. Nothing hurts more than to tie your precious food bearing plants to a stake only to find the string you used to attach it growing mildewy fungus and possible infecting your plants. Ewe.
✯ It’s natural, just like everything else in your garden! You don’t have to worry about weird and uncool toxins from plastics and synthetics.


7 ways to use hemp in the garden

Below are 7 ways to use hemp in gardening. To see these ideas in action and gather inspiration, be sure to check out and follow our convenient Gardening with Hemp board on Pinterest.

1. Trellis for climbing plants
You can build a decent climbing trellis with a few pieces of wood and a roll of hemp twine. Peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other climbing plants should be trained and have something to cling to, climb, or lean up against. Using twine is a genius way to make this happen without spending a bunch of money on ready made trellises from the store. One year, we even created a top cover to our chicken run using 2 rolls of hemp twine to keep them in and to keep other things out. It ended up double serving as an overhead trellis for the wild cucumber to climb which in turn creating a nice shade for our flock.

2. Tie plants to a support
Some flowers and vegetables need to be tied to a main support. Hemp garden twine is great for securing your tall stalky growing plants like sunflowers to a post to prevent them from toppling over when they grow tall.

3. Hang plants in your greenhouse
Make the most of your gardening space and use plant hangers made out of hemp to hang plants in your greenhouse! Plant hangers range from super easy to make to more complex knot work that may take a while to complete. The choice is yours!

4. Hang things decoratively
Plan on having company in or around the garden? Or maybe you just want to make your garden a get away sanctuary. Hang lanterns, votive candle mason jars, wind chimes, or just about anything with hemp garden twine to turn your garden into an enchanted retreat. If the idea of burning candles makes you nervous, use LED lights instead!

5. Kokedama String Gardens
Speaking of hanging things, here’s an up and coming trend that’s taking apartment gardening by storm. Kokedama string gardens are made of a clump of dirt wrapped in moss and then wrapped in colorful string to keep it all together. Pretty neat and just about the perfect thing for hemp!! I want to blog about making these. These are so fun and would go perfectly in the garden and greenhouse as well as inside your home.

6. Bundle together fresh cut flowers or veggies
Use hemp garden twine to bundle tie freshly cut flowers or veggies from your garden. You can even get all fancy farmer and use a beautiful piece of fabric to bundle first then add twine to secure and tie it.

7. Use to hang cut herbs
Use hemp garden twine to hang your fresh cut herbs. Once you snip your herbs, hang them to dry so you can use later. Hang them upside down in a cool, dry, and dark place for maximum flavor.

Need Garden Twine Inspiration?

I put together a Pinterest board that fits perfectly with this blog post. It’s called Gardening with Hemp. You’ll find the diy projects listed above plus others not mentioned! And if you’re looking for good quality hemp twine, you can find it here in our store.

Happy Hemping!

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6 thoughts on “Garden Twine: 7 Ways to Use Hemp Twine in Your Garden

  1. Nash says:

    can’t wait to see beautifully colored twine helping out in my garden! looking forward to bringing in color, even before the flowers start blooming!!

  2. Mandilyn says:

    This was an informative and idea-inspiring article. I appreciate the urge to use biodegradable when it comes to gardening and the outdoors. Now all I need is a garden! ;)

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