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About HempCraft


If you love making hemp jewelry but feel limited to what your local craft store has to offer this site is for you.


We’ve all been there. You’re standing in the jewelry supply aisle at your local craft store when you suddenly realize that their “natural section” is actually smaller than the stash you already have laying around your living room table at home.

Now I want you to imagine…

You round the corner into the next aisle and in front of you is something that up until this point has only lived in your wildest dreams.
Something you wished for but could never fathom such a thing actually existing.

In front of you is an aisle completely dedicated to hemp jewelry supplies. And for a moment you hear a church choir sing out -“Halleluiah!”.
There are tons of beads…wood beads, shiny beads, small beads, large beads…and they all fit hemp! There are more hemp cord colors than you ever imagined possible! From greens to pinks to blues and purples and even blue/purple mix! Nowhere in sight is that smelly scratchy garden twine you’ve been forced to use… all you see is high quality hemp cord and twines made specifically with crafting in mind.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Wouldn’t you love to have an aisle like that?

If that sounds like a little slice of heaven to you, I want you to know that I’ve made it a reality.

HempCraft™ is that aisle!

Your One Stop Hemp Crafting Shop

We’re a company dedicated to crafting with hemp.

We supply crafters with premium quality hemp products and an excellent customer service experience.

HempCraft™ began in October 2010 with the idea that everything could and should be crafted with hemp. Hemp is such an incredible resource with a wide range of applications that it’s hard to ignore the number of potential uses it has in the craft world. Everything from textiles to paper to paints.

From the beginning, we’ve only been interested in offering high quality products, materials, and supplies. We have our roots in making hemp jewelry so we understand and know exactly what materials and tools hemp jewelry and macrame artists are looking for.

The beads we source are natural and selected based on four things; quality, durability, uniqueness and design.
When we pack the beads into small usable quantities, we sift through and take out any broken, chipped, or deformed beads.

We’ve grown organically. HempCraft was raised from the ground up and continues to grow each year without investors, without high interest credit cards, and without shady bank loans. We’re a good ol’ homegrown mom and pop shop.


“I started HempCraft™ with the belief that I could work for myself, stay home with my family, and do what I love. With complete support from family and friends and determined to follow my own path, I felt free and open to see where I could take it. It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. This became a full time job for me and a functioning small business within the first year and continues to grow; and with it grows my skills, motivation, and creativity. I continuously seek to learn new methods and apply new ideas. The possibilities of what one can do, create, and explore are endless.”