Three New Reasons to Love Micro Macrame – New Colors!

The New o.5mm Hemp Colors are Here!

They arrived yesterday. My excitement as they arrived was pretty close to that of a kid on Christmas morning. As I fought back the pressing urge to run down the driveway and meet the FedEx guy (we’ll call him Santa from now on), I felt the smile on my face grow about 10 miles wide. Will thought I was going to burst from excitement!

These colors are amazing! Sage green, Plum purple, and Teal… three more reasons to be excited about knotting micro macramé with hemp. If you haven’t tried the smaller micro macramé yet, it’s a lot like knotting with the 1mm cord only on a smaller scale + you get to use beanew colors (13)ds with smaller stringing holes. Win! It’s liberating…you should try it some time.

Listed and Ready to ship. We have them all listed and ready for you! You can purchase them here on our website or in our Etsy shop.

More .5mm colors to come. We’re over the moon with these new colors but we’re not stopping there. For the mini micro macramé fans, hold tight, we’re getting more colors. We want your suggestions! Send us an email at and tell us what colors you want to see in the .5mm hemp cord.

One thing I can tell you is that we love working with our customers to get them exactly what they want in hemp crafting products. We special ordered these in response to the demand for more color selection in the .5mm hemp twine for micro macrame. Thank you to everyone who suggested what colors to order!

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We love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and tell us what you think of the new colors.

All the Best!